Mountain Party Calls For Resignation of WVU President Gee

The Mountain Party is disturbed by the proposed cuts at WVU and calls for:

  1. Fully funding all state colleges and universities, and provide free higher education to all;
  2. Implementing a policy of open admissions for high school graduates;
  3. Including student and faculty democratic decision-making in curriculum, administration, and conflict resolution within each school;
  4. Increasing the number of permanent, tenure track faculty at state higher educational institutions;
  5. Support for student and faculty unionization efforts;
  6. The resignation of WVU president E. Gordon Gee and all complicit members of the current WVU Board of Governors.

The Mountain Party stands in solidarity with all students, staff, and faculty and invites anyone fighting for their future at WVU to reach out to the Party for assistance in organizing.