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The Mountain Party is a ballot-qualified party in West Virginia, leading progressive policy and fighting for Working Families. Our platform is framed around democracy, ecology, justice, and peace.

We lead on key issues, including decriminalization of cannabis, defense of collective bargaining (support for unions), investment in public education, and protection of the public’s health and environment.  Our advocacy for workers and their families is unwavering. We are a people-powered party. Your Progressive Voice. Your Mountain Party.

WV Platform Values

Our Founding

The party was created in 2000 as a political alternative to the major parties. The Mountain Party has made every intention to challenge oligarchy and to oppose the corporate powers who influence our political system. West Virginia is the poster child of crony capitalism. Corporate favoritism, unfair taxation, and the lack of regulation in the coal and timber industries has led to economic and environmental degradation.

The Mountain Party is the West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party of the United States, and is currently headed by state chair Denise Binion.

View the Mountain Party PLATFORM to learn more about its values.