The Green Response

DNC Continues Its Failed Experiment

By: Denise Binion, Mountain Party Chair

DNC Chair, Jaime Harrison, recently attempted to undermine Dr. Cornel West’s “third party” run for President, stating that “this is not the time in order to experiment.” Harrison, head of one of the oldest political parties in the world, conveniently ignores the ongoing 235 year experiment of the American political system. This is the two-party system, which is arguably the greatest failure the United States has still yet to resolve.

One has to wonder why the two major parties believe that people have no right to more than two choices in any general election? The answer is simple, and it should come as no surprise given these are the parties of Wall Street not Main Street. By design, the two-party system aims to maintain the status quo of capitalism and the interests of the ultra rich. This system creates the illusion of choice, where the parties do not significantly differ on many of the life and death issues facing working class Americans (See Mountain Party Legislative Report). In an exaggerated and overdone fashion, each party routinely blames each other for America’s problems, while both parties are in fact the problem. This is why nothing ever seems to get done for the people.

The primary target of the Democrats’ fear-mongering propaganda is being used to malign the West campaign and the Greens, painting them as spoilers to an already spoiled, dysfunctional political system. Not only do they ignore the data, such as 2016 exit polling that effectively debunked the spoiler theory, many Democrats are amazingly omitting from this conversation that their very own Senator Joe Manchin is considering his own third party run for 2024.

Election after election, WV Democratic Party operatives repeatedly vilify WV Mountain Party/Green candidates using the same tired rhetoric, even telling candidates they have no right to run. They peddle the same old misconceptions that Mountain/Green candidates take votes away from Democrats or blame them for losses in their own poorly run campaigns and unlikeable candidates.

Giving voters personal choice is an inherent part of democracy. Why is it that Democrats, many who advocate so loudly for a woman’s right to choose, don’t accept that voters have a right to choose as well? □