2020 Call For Candidates

The Mountain Party is looking for qualified candidates to run for elected office. We are seeking candidates with a bold Green vision and the desire to run a successful campaign. We want candidates who are ready to engage voters and build our party. Furthermore, we want candidates who share the values and platform of the Mountain Party.

We are encouraging West Virginians everywhere to step up and run for office. Seats around the state are up for election, including for board of education and conservation district supervisor. Local level races are winnable, with a foundation of local Mountain officeholders to achieve even bigger wins in the future.

Candidates who start early on their campaigns have a better chance of success and that’s why it’s important that you get started right away. Filing deadlines are fast approaching; we highly recommend candidates file by January 25th.

Across the state, Mountain Party candidates will challenge establishment incumbents in upcoming elections. We need leaders with experience in public speaking, administration and planning. It is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of financial reports and budgets.

We are especially interested in candidates who are members of under-represented groups, as there is strength in diversity. It takes everyone of us to advocate for better public policy and a brighter future.

Mountain Party officeholders are currently working diligently to represent the voters who elected them. Our elected conservation district supervisors are actively working to protect our environment, in opposition to toxic fracking and pipelines. They are standing with the people in opposition to the expansion of corporate power and control. They are reaching out to voters of diverse backgrounds and are bringing together coalitions of individuals and organizations in their communities in order to improve and strengthen their local governments.

The Mountain Party has a powerful vision for a better West Virginia, but we cannot realize that vision without you.

We urge you to join us in this important effort and become a Mountain Party candidate for office today. We need your skills, energy and passion for making the world a cleaner, kinder and more sustainable place for all of us to live.

For the Common Good.

All candidates are expected to understand the terms of official recognition.

Interested potential candidates should contact the Mountain Party Chair:

Denise Binion


New Year, New Party

With a new year, comes new commitment to build and improve the Mountain Party of West Virginia. In previous years, we have faced many difficult challenges. Last year, new leadership began to make necessary reforms. Some of the actions included:

  • Adopting a candidate pledge
  • Building a new website and communications infrastructure
  • Drafting revised ballot access legislation
  • Updating branding and social media

This is just the beginning. We aim to improve accountability within the party and heighten candidate standards. We will explore different approaches to organizing, for more effective outreach. Additionally, we will review our electoral strategy for the new decade.

Despite the hurdles we face, we have a solid foundation of support. Party registration is on the rise, and we have two officeholders. Our incumbent conservation district supervisors are seeking re-election.  We are also seeking qualified candidates for other state and local offices. 

We are asking voters to consider joining the party that puts the people of West Virginia first, ahead of corporations and special interests. We want a sustainable and fair economy that leaves nobody out. We can build a West Virginia where everyone has clean air and water, has a roof over their head, and has access to good public services. We can do this by investing in the Green economy of the future and by ending corporate welfare. A mountain government would tax the millionaire class, so that no child within our state’s borders will ever have to experience poverty again. This is the vision we hold, but only with your help can we make this reality. 

Get involved and:

  1. Sign Up For Updates
  2. Register Mountain
  3. Contribute
  4. Join A Local

Resolution: Support for UAW Workers

September 29, 2019 – State Executive Committee

A Resolution of Support for UAW Workers

WHEREAS, the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) membership is on strike in response to worker conditions in General Motors, et al., since September 16, 2019;

WHEREAS, workers have lacked job security and struggled financially, leading many to have trouble paying their mortgages, electrical bills, and groceries; and

WHEREAS, workers have taken a stand, limiting production and transportation of cars from making their regularly-scheduled deliveries;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the West Virginia Mountain Party hereby unequivocally supports the rights of these workers to engage in civil disobedience that directly impacts their employer’s ability to continue to profit off their labor; and

BE IT RESOLVED that the West Virginia Mountain Party stands in full support with a worker’s right to unionize at their workplace; and

BE IT RESOLVED that the West Virginia Mountain Party endorses projects of mutual aid to offset the expenses of General Motors, et al., employees.