Mountain Party Stands In Solidarity With Starbucks Workers Unionizing


In August 2021, the first cohort of Starbucks workers in Buffalo, New York filed for a union election with Workers United. In the year following their victory, Starbucks workers across the country have joined together to say, “Union Yes!”

This month, the first group of Starbucks workers in West Virginia joined their fellow workers by going public and filing for an election at the Flatwoods store #48007. We extend our solidarity and support for these workers as they participate in the storied battle for workplace democracy.

As the once proud union home to so many struggles for workplace democracy, West Virginia’s union density rate now stands at just 9.2 percent, almost a whole percentage point lower than the national average. Building worker power comes from the workers in those industries alone, and as these Starbucks workers have shown, it must be done at every workplace – no matter the size, no matter the company, and no matter the industry.