Take Action This Giving Tuesday

As 2023 approaches, the Mountain Party is preparing its legislative agenda and its organizing and recruitment objectives for the upcoming year. 

Our grassroots party appreciates the financial support it receives exclusively from individual donors, mainly in the form of small contributions. 

Consider Donating $23 For Growth & Success In 2023

More critical than contributions, we ask of you and our friends, supporters and allies to take action:

  1. Register Mountain Party
    • Let the State know you want more choices and voices in Government. 
  2. Spread The Word
    • Tell your family and friends about the Mountain Party and why we need to dismantle the two-party system.
  3. Get Involved
    • Become a lead contact or county facilitator and assist the party in recruitment and event planning. 
    • Fill a vacancy on the executive committee.
    • Submit ideas for our newsletter or other projects.
  4. Help Organize
    • Develop a local chapter 
    • Engage in local issues and organize municipal ballot initiatives
    • Organize tabling events
    • Recruit potential candidates

To get involved, reach out to us at (304) 669-0247 or contact [at] mountainparty.net