Abortion Rights Are Human Rights

  • Republicans wrote the bill. Several Democrats backed it. It's time for real opposition with West Virginia's Greens.
  • The WV Democrats Backing GOP Abortion Ban: Senate Minority Whip Woelfel, Sen. Jeffries, Del. Boggs, and Del. Evans.

Abortion Rights Are Human Rights!

Have West Virginians finally had enough with Conservative Democrats? Minority Whip Sen. Woelfel, along with several other Democrats, who voted for the abortion ban alongside Republicans will likely face no consequences from their party.

Republicans wrote the bill, and several Democrats backed it. It’s time for real opposition with West Virginia’s Greens. 

This will not stop with abortion. Reproductive rights, women’s rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, and more face threats in the Mountain State. The Democratic Party cannot provide effective opposition when their own representatives are clearly divided on these fundamental, common-sense issues of equality, liberty, and justice.


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