2022 Call For Candidates

The Mountain Party is recruiting qualified candidates to run for elected office across West Virginia. Many seats are up for election in 2022. While much of the conversation is largely placed on the State Legislature, we are paying special attention to local races such as Board of Education and Conservation District Supervisor. Winning local level races is the foundation for the Mountain Party to achieve bigger wins in the future.

We are seeking candidates with the desire to run a successful campaign and engage voters. Experience in public speaking, administration and planning, along with a comprehensive understanding of financial reports and budgets, is very highly recommended. Potential candidates must share the values outlined in the Mountain Party platform of Democracy, Social Justice, Environmental Justice, and Economic Justice.

We are especially interested in candidates who are members of under-represented groups, as there is strength in diversity. It takes everyone of us to advocate for better public policy and a brighter future.

Candidates who start early on their campaigns have a better chance of success, making it essential that you get started right away. Filing deadlines are fast approaching; candidates to be placed on the primary ballot must file by January 29th.

Across the state, candidates will challenge establishment incumbents and corporate opposition. The Mountain Party candidates we seek will stand with the people in opposition to the expansion of corporate power and control. They will reach out to voters of different backgrounds and forge together coalitions aiming to improve the quality of life for everyone in their community.

Mountain Party officeholders are actively working to protect our environment, in opposition to toxic fracking and pipelines.

The Mountain Party has a powerful vision for a better West Virginia, but we cannot realize that vision without you.

We urge you to join us in this important effort and become a Mountain Party candidate for office today. We need your skills, energy and passion for making the world a cleaner, kinder and more sustainable place for all of us to work, live and thrive.

All candidates are expected to understand the terms of official recognition, which includes agreeing to and signing the Mountain Party’s candidate pledge.

Interested potential candidates can contact the Mountain Party at contact@mountainpartywv.net and (304) 669-0247.