Statement of Solidarity With Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals

The Mountain Party supports the human rights and dignity of transgender and nonbinary individuals. West Virginia has the highest rate of transgender youth in the country; therefore, it would be amiss of us to not address transphobia within another accredited State Green Party.

The recent conduct of the Georgia Green Party is unacceptable and we sincerely hope that the party will rescind its recent platform amendments (which contradict the national platform) and work with the Lavender Caucus on justice and reconciliation.

The rights of the LGBTQ community are non-negotiable. We thank every State Green Party, every candidate, and every party member standing in solidarity with the Lavender Greens.

The Mountain Party State Executive Committee, by unanimous decision, signed onto the following petition by the Lavender Caucus and encourage the Green National Committee to take an active role in righting the situation in Georgia.


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