Can I register as a Green?
You can identify as a Green Party member, as the Mountain Party is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States. Anyone registered to vote in West Virginia as a “Green” is considered a Mountain Party member and is encouraged to register as such.

If I am registered Mountain, do I have to vote Mountain Party in the General Election?
No. Although we encourage you to vote for every qualified Mountain Party candidate listed on your ballot.

The Party

Does the Mountain Party take corporate money?
No. We are funded by the people, mainly through small donor contributions.

Does the Mountain Party elect people to office?
Yes. We have elected many people to different levels of government. Currently we have two officeholders, serving as Conservation District Supervisors.

Does the Mountain Party spoil elections?
Seriously? (Oh, you are serious!) The answer is no. We continue to elect people to office. We actively support electoral reforms such as Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), requiring a majority vote instead of a plurality vote to win. Voters rank candidates in order of preference without any worries.