Can I register as a Green?
The Mountain Party is the West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party of the United States, meaning all registered Mountain Party members are Greens.

The Mountain Party was not always affiliated with the Green Party, so there remain a few registered voters in West Virginia with the self-designated registration of “Green” and are encouraged to update their registration to “Mountain” so that they may be guaranteed access to participate in any state facilitated Mountain Party primary.

If I am registered Mountain, do I have to vote Mountain Party in the General Election?
No. Although we encourage you to vote for every qualified Mountain Party candidate listed on your ballot.

The Party

Does the Mountain Party take corporate money?
No. We are funded by the people, mainly through small donor contributions.

Does the Mountain Party elect people to office?
Yes. We have elected many people to different levels of government. Currently we have two officeholders, serving as Conservation District Supervisors.

Does the Mountain Party spoil elections?
No, and we actively support electoral reforms such as Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).