2022 Nominations

Candidates for public office seeking the nomination of the Mountain Party should familiarize themselves with the 2022 process, in particular with regards to the candidate pledge. Potential candidates should email the party at contact@mountainpartywv.net.

Candidate for convention delegates, delegates to the Green National Committee, and regional State Executive Committee members are to understand the following qualifications and procedure for their election by the party membership.

Qualification: Candidates must be registered members of the Mountain Party. Candidates for regional representative to the State Executive Committee must reside in the Senate District they seek to represent and must be nominated by a fellow party member in their respective district. The ballot access deadline is April 23, 2022 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

Procedure: This election will be conducted by verifiable digital means, with an opt-in paper ballot accommodation. Digital voting will be completed by May 6, 2022 at 7:30 pm Eastern Time. The vote will utilize ranked choice voting and include a “None of the Above” or “NOTA” option for every contest. Results will be announced within 48 hours, provided verification by the ad hoc balloting committee. Verified results will be made available and certified at the state convention. 

Tabulation: The ad hoc balloting committee will compile the votes and tabulate the results, providing a published report for the convention.


  • April 14 @ 11:59 pm ET – Bylaws & Platform Proposals Deadline (30 Days Before Convention)
  • April 23 @ 11:59 pm ET – Candidate Nomination Deadline (21 Days Before Convention)
  • April 24 – Verifiable Digital Voting Begins 
  • May 1 – Public Reminder To Vote
  • May 6 @ 7:30 pm ET – Voting Ends
  • May 9  – Results Announced
  • May 14 – State Convention

Summary: Delegates to the State Convention, Delegates to the Green National Convention, and the next term of State Executive Committee Regional Representatives will have their election take place prior to the state convention. Officers of the State Executive Committee will be elected by the Delegates to the State Convention in person on the day of the Convention. In addition, convention delegates will decide on bylaws and platform amendments.