We must live within the ecological and resource limits of our communities and planet so that future generations will benefit–not suffer from–the practices of our generation.

We must protect of our air, water and land by promoting policies which encourage environmentally sound energy, agricultural and economic development; a halt to mountaintop removal coal mining in order to preserve precious forests and water supplies; timber regulation that reduces flooding, erosion and wildfires by eliminating clear-cutting and the destruction of old growth forests; full enforcement of current environmental protection laws, including the effective prohibition of toxic waste dumping, and the phasing out of ecologically destructive energy production while promoting renewable sources; Protection of the environment from the harm caused, or potentially caused, by exemptions from environmental protection regulations, through the lawful establishment of the plenary right for county commissions and municipal boards to individually draft, pass and require enforcement of, ordinances protecting all individuals from hazards and/or nuisances either caused, or which may potentially be caused, by corporations and individuals holding state permits under such regulatory exemption schemes, either directly or indirectly; A ban on horizontal hydrofracking to protect the health, safety and well-being of all.