(WEST VIRGINIA — June 20, 2020) The West Virginia Mountain Party today nominated Daniel P. “Danny” Lutz for Governor at its biennial State Convention, which was conducted via Zoom video conferencing. The convention was originally planned to be held in Braxton County.

Re-elected on the June 9th election, Lutz has served as Conservation District Supervisor for the Eastern Panhandle, representing Jefferson County since 2016. Lutz, a Commissioned Air Force Veteran, is one of two elected Conservation District Supervisors who are active members of the Mountain Party. 

Former Mayor of Ranson and Former President of the Jefferson County Commission, Gregory Lance, was nominated for Jefferson County Sheriff. Other candidates nominated by convention include Donald Kinnie for State Senate (15), Robert E. Smith for House of Delegates (59), and Mary Kinnie for House of Delegates (60).

Nominated by primary election include Steve Hamilton for House of Delegates, seeking one of four seats, in the 48th District and David Tabb for Jefferson County Assessor, where no Republican filed to run for office.

Business addressed by the party included officer elections and amending party documents. Amendments were adopted to the bylaws to clearly affirm the party’s identity as West Virginia’s Green Party, in addition to updating its membership structure and nominating procedure. The convention was recessed to address platform amendments in the near future. 

The timing of the State Convention coincides with a major announcement from the Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker campaign for President and Vice President. Today the ticket has clinched enough delegates to secure the Green Party nomination and will be on the ballot in West Virginia on the “Mountain” ballot line. 


Updated June 21, 4:35 p.m.